Advice on Picking the Perfect Bottle of Wine as a Gift

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You know your wine – but do you know what they like? Picking a bottle for someone else can be pure guesswork unless you know they preferences. What should be done when you are dealing with hundreds of possibilities?

  1. Know the best range

Budget-wise, you may not be able to spend no matter how much on a bottle of wine. However, you should always focus on the mid-range brand, if not on the high end ones. That’s where the good wine is. Great wine cannot be cheap, since it takes real grapes and genuine effort to make it, plus time and a packaging to do it justice. Besides, the more important and classy (or demanding) the person is, the more special and perhaps expensive the bottle should be. You’re aiming to please and impress.

  1. Match the wine with the season

You don’t feel like drinking a heavy, mature wine in summer, just like you don’t fancy a light white wine in winter. Whites like chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc work well in summer. Winter, when we tend to eat heavier food, it’s best to consume red wines like Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvignon. Autumn goes with fuller white wines or light reds. In spring, have Pinot Grigio, rose or other fruity wines.

  1. Ask for recommendations

Perhaps you’re not too experienced in this matter – and that’s no shame. Ask for recommendations from a friend who loves wine or discuss with the store staff. If you’re making an online purchase, you can have a look at good and very safe options at UK’s  where they also have special gift packages.

  1. Aim to impress

You don’t need to pick something expensive – it just needs to stand out somehow, be it through a unique aroma or a stunning packaging. Take your time to browse through the various options and pick a bottle that is appealing in every way. However, you don’t want to choose something the recipient will never find again. If they like the wine, they may want to buy another, so make sure you’ll be able to provide them with the info.

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