Hosting an Adult Party for Family and Friends

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When it comes to everyday life, the daily hustle and bustle and constant running from here to there can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. As busy as you are, you deserve time to relax and enjoy yourself. Hosting an adult party can give you an outlet to relax and have fun after a long week of work.

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Purchase Food and Beverages

The first thing on your to-do list will be purchasing all the food and beverages you want for your party. Ideas can include pizza, pretzels, chips, and dip. Beverages for adult parties can include adult beverages such as wine or beer. You can even impress your guests by including a unique beverage like Tiger Beer in the mix. You can buy cheaper Tiger Beer at Fair Price to help stick to your party budget.

Plan Out the Evening’s Activities

Before you start going out and purchasing everything such as the food and beverages that you want to have at your party, you will want to plan what activities you will have to keep everyone busy. You will want to think about the locale of your party. Will you have your party indoors or outdoors? This can mean the difference in what types of activities there are to keep everyone busy.

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Indoor Party Game

These party activities can be the perfect icebreaker for any adult party. If there are any games that require running, ensure any obstacles that people can run into or trip over are set aside and out of the way.

Balloon Volleyball

You probably remember this one from childhood, but it’s even more fun when you are an adult. Here’s how to get the game ready to go:

Party Balloon Volleyball

  • String up something you can use as a net. Ideas include a rope or even a bedsheet.
  • Start your game by giving your guests instructions on how to hit the balloon across the net.
  • When one team does not hit the balloon or it falls to the floor, the other team then scores a point.
  • Be sure to set a time limit for each round, otherwise you could be going forever, especially with highly competitive guests.
  • The team with the highest score when the game comes to completion wins.

Tip: to turn this into an outdoor game, simply fill up your balloons with shaving cream for even more fun.

Hosting Adult Party outdoor game

Outdoor Party Game

When you are outdoors, there is much more room to have fun. Here are a couple of ideas to break the ice and turn your party into a fun event.

Dancing Chain Game

Have every guest move into a circle shape and nominate one to start with one dance move. Keep your moves simple, because each guest will have to copy them. Here are the steps for the dancing game:

  • The player who is on the left will be the leader of the circle by repeating the moves.
  • When the entire circle finishes, it’s time for a new move to get into the game.
  • Again follow the process of the player to the left, leading the circle with a repeat move.

Dancing Chain Game

Keep everything going until the circle has an entire dance routine, then everyone will attempt to perform this dance together.

Parties are a great way to let loose and have some fun. They make the perfect opportunity to relax after a long week’s work with friends and family.

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