The advantages of Staycold Upright Display Freezers for Restaurants

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Staycold is really a leading South African manufacturer of self-contained commercial freezers mainly for that hospitality industry. Staycold provides a winning mixture of latest innovative technology, outstanding reliability, and absolutely stunning design.

Restaurants deal with many different foods, a lot of it must remain awesome or frozen to prevent it from going bad. Simultaneously it’s also imperative the restaurant owner or chef monitors the meals products. The chef should be aware all foods which are within the freezer at any time. They have to know the amount of a particular food is incorporated in the freezer so when it expires. Recording your stock levels is essential for just about any business, but it’s basically imperative within the food industry in which the goods are perishable.

A great way to keep an eye on frozen foods is by using a Staycold upright display freezer, especially one which has a clear glass door. This will help you to see the food with the clear glass door and keep the cold air within the unit. It is best that whenever you obtain new foods, to keep them behind, thus moving formerly stored foods towards the front from the freezer. In this way, you’ll be in charge of your stock and you’ll make use of the food before its expiration date.

Having a Staycold upright freezer you are able to store many products in the shops. You are able to dedicate each shelf to some particular food product, for instance, shelf one can be used as meat products, shelf two for frozen vegetables, and so forth. The shelving system within this commercial refrigeration equipment enables you to definitely organise the food products nicely and also have a system in position that your kitchen area staff can follow. This can minimise confusion among kitchen staff and can improve their productivity because they knows exactly how to locate a particular component.

Staycold upright freezers occupy less space on the floor compared to conventional chest freezers. Additionally, it leads to a far more ergonomic design, as it’s not necessary to bend the back awkwardly to achieve for any product. You can just stand and achieve within the unit or bend the knees to achieve the low shelves.

To ensure that restaurants to operate efficiently, they have to possess the right catering equipment in position. Staycold upright freezers provide your restaurant the opportunity to become more organised and efficient.

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